Fender 6 string bass guitar

Fender 6 string bass guitar

The Fender 6-String Bass Guitar offers an extended range and versatile playing experience for bassists seeking expanded tonal capabilities. With its iconic Fender design, excellent craftsmanship, and powerful sound, this bass guitar delivers rich and deep low-end frequencies along with enhanced melodic possibilities, making it suitable for a wide range of musical genres and styles.

  • Fender 6 string bass guitar

    Fender 6 string bass guitar

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      Fender 6 string bass guitar

      Fender 6 string bass guitar

      KSh 22,000.00

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      KSh 22,000.00


      Fender 6-string bass

      Fender 6 string bass guitar

      Extended Range and Versatility

      • Extended Low B and High C Strings: Provides extended range for deep bass notes and higher register melodies
      • Increased Tonal Options: Offers greater flexibility in playing styles, chord voicings, and melodic lines
      • Suitable for Various Genres: Ideal for rock, metal, jazz, fusion, and any style that demands extended low-end frequencies and expanded tonal range

      Iconic Fender Design and Craftsmanship

      • Classic Fender Aesthetics: Features the timeless design elements that define Fender instruments
      • High-Quality Construction: Crafted with attention to detail and precision for reliable performance
      • Trusted Brand Legacy: Fender is known for producing instruments of exceptional quality and durability

      Powerful and Balanced Tones

      • Deep and Resonant Bass Response: Delivers a strong low-end foundation with excellent clarity
      • Articulate Note Definition: Allows for clear and precise bass lines, even in complex musical passages
      • Balanced Frequency Response: Provides a well-rounded tonal character across the entire frequency spectrum

      High-Quality Electronics and Pickups

      • Customized Pickups: Equipped with specially designed pickups for optimal tonal reproduction
      • Active or Passive Options: Offers versatility in tone and control with active or passive electronics
      • Tone Shaping Controls: Allows for adjustments to bass, mid, and treble settings to achieve desired sound

       Solid Construction and Hardware

      • Solid Body Construction: Ensures durability and stability for reliable performance
      • High-Quality Hardware: Features sturdy tuners, bridge, and controls for precise and consistent performance
      • Smooth Fretwork: Allows for comfortable and effortless playing across the entire fretboard

      Enhanced Playability

      • Comfortable Neck Profile: Offers a smooth and comfortable playing experience
      • Extended Fretboard: Provides easy access to higher notes and expanded playing range
      • Well-Balanced Weight: Ensures optimal balance and comfortable playing during long gigs and practice sessions

      Trusted Brand and Legacy

      • Fender’s Reputation: Known for its rich history and legacy in producing iconic instruments
      • Endorsements by Renowned Bassists: Played and endorsed by numerous respected bassists worldwide
      • Resale Value: Fender bass guitars hold their value and are sought after by musicians and collectors

      In summary, the Fender 6-String Bass Guitar offers an extended range, versatile playing experience, and excellent craftsmanship. With its iconic design, powerful tones, and trusted brand legacy, this bass guitar provides the foundation for deep low-end frequencies and expanded melodic possibilities. Whether you’re a professional bassist or an aspiring musician, the Fender 6-String Bass Guitar empowers you to explore new musical horizons and express yourself with confidence and precision.

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      Fender 6-String Bass Guitar: A Comprehensive Guide

      Fender bass guitar

      The Fender 6-string bass guitar stands as a testament to Fender’s enduring commitment to innovation, quality, and performance.

      Known for their legendary electric guitars and basses, Fender’s expansion into the realm of 6-string bass guitars is a natural progression that caters to the needs of modern bassists seeking extended range, versatility, and superior tonal quality.

      This comprehensive guide delves into the features, construction, performance, and benefits of the Fender 6-string bass guitar, providing an in-depth understanding of why this instrument is a top choice for professional musicians.

      Design and Aesthetics

      Fender 6-string bass guitar

      The Fender 6-string bass guitar boasts a design that is both visually appealing and functionally superior. It retains the classic Fender aesthetics while incorporating modern enhancements to cater to the needs of today’s bassists.

      1. Body: The body of the Fender 6-string bass guitar is crafted from high-quality tonewoods such as alder or ash, known for their balanced tonal properties. These woods provide a solid foundation for the rich and resonant sound that Fender basses are famous for.
      2. Finish: Available in a variety of finishes, from traditional sunburst to sleek black and vibrant custom colors, the Fender 6-string bass allows players to choose an instrument that reflects their personal style.
      3. Shape: The body shape is ergonomically designed to provide comfort during long playing sessions. The contoured edges and well-balanced weight distribution ensure that the bass sits comfortably against the body, whether you are standing or sitting.

      Neck and Fretboard

      The neck and fretboard of the Fender 6-string bass guitar are meticulously crafted to offer superior playability and comfort.

      1. Neck Material: Typically made from maple, the neck of the Fender 6-string bass is designed for stability and durability. Maple is chosen for its ability to resist warping and its bright tonal characteristics.
      2. Neck Profile: The neck profile is designed to accommodate the wider fretboard needed for six strings, yet it is contoured to ensure comfortable hand positioning. Players can expect smooth, fast playability across the entire neck.
      3. Fretboard: The fretboard is usually made from rosewood or maple, providing a smooth surface for effortless finger movement. The 24-fret design extends the range of the instrument, allowing for higher notes and greater musical expression.
      4. Scale Length: The extended scale length of the 6-string bass, typically around 35 inches, helps to maintain proper string tension and intonation across the additional strings, ensuring consistent tone and playability.

      Benefits for Musicians

      extended range bass

      The Fender 6-string bass guitar offers numerous benefits for musicians, enhancing their playing experience and expanding their creative possibilities.

      1. Extended Range: The extended range provided by the additional strings allows for more complex and diverse musical arrangements. Bassists can play both traditional bass lines and higher melodic parts without switching instruments.
      2. Creative Freedom: With a wider tonal palette at their disposal, musicians can experiment with new sounds and techniques, pushing the boundaries of their musical expression.
      3. Professional Quality: The high-quality construction and components ensure that the Fender 6-string bass delivers reliable performance in any setting, whether on stage or in the studio.
      4. Enhanced Playability: Designed with the player in mind, the Fender 6-string bass offers a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience. The smooth neck and responsive fretboard make it easy to navigate the additional strings and explore new musical ideas.

      Choosing the Right Model

      professional bass guitar

      Fender offers several models of 6-string bass guitars, each with its unique features and characteristics. Here are a few popular options:

      1. Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass 6-String: This model features advanced electronics, a modern neck profile, and premium hardware, making it a top choice for professional bassists.
      2. Fender Player Series Jazz Bass 6-String: Offering a blend of classic Fender design and modern features, the Player Series is ideal for musicians seeking versatility and performance at an affordable price.
      3. Fender Custom Shop 6-String Bass: For those looking for a truly unique instrument, the Fender Custom Shop offers bespoke 6-string bass guitars that can be tailored to the player’s exact specifications.

      Maintenance and Care

      Proper maintenance is crucial for preserving the performance and longevity of your Fender 6-string bass guitar. Here are some tips for keeping your instrument in top condition:

      1. Regular Cleaning: Wipe down the strings and body after each playing session to remove sweat and dirt. Use a soft, lint-free cloth and avoid harsh chemicals.
      2. String Replacement: Regularly replace the strings to maintain optimal sound quality and playability. The frequency of replacement depends on how often you play and your playing style.
      3. Setup and Adjustments: Periodically check the setup of your bass, including the neck relief, string height, and intonation. Make adjustments as needed or take it to a professional technician for a thorough setup.
      4. Storage: Store your bass in a cool, dry place, preferably in a hard case or gig bag. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or humidity, as these can damage the instrument.


      Fender bass review

      To get the most out of your Fender 6-string bass guitar, consider investing in some essential accessories:

      1. Amplifier: A high-quality bass amplifier is crucial for achieving the best sound. Fender offers a range of amplifiers designed to complement their bass guitars, providing powerful and clear amplification.
      2. Strap: A comfortable and adjustable strap is essential for playing while standing. Look for a strap with good padding and secure strap locks to keep your bass safe.
      3. Tuner: An accurate tuner is essential for maintaining proper tuning. Clip-on tuners are convenient and easy to use, allowing for quick adjustments on the go.
      4. Pedals: Effects pedals can expand your tonal palette and add new dimensions to your sound. Popular choices for bassists include overdrive, chorus, and compression pedals.

      Fender 6-String Bass Guitar in the Studio

      6-string bass specs

      The Fender 6-string bass guitar is not only a powerful tool for live performances but also an invaluable asset in the studio. Its extended range and versatile sound make it ideal for a wide range of recording applications.

      1. Recording Techniques: When recording a 6-string bass, experiment with different microphone placements and DI (direct input) techniques to capture the full tonal range of the instrument. Combining mic and DI signals can provide a rich and detailed bass sound.
      2. EQ and Compression: Use EQ to shape the tone of the bass, emphasizing the frequencies that complement the mix. Compression can help to even out the dynamics and add punch to the bass track.
      3. Layering: Take advantage of the extended range of the 6-string bass by layering multiple parts. Record a solid bass line on the low strings and add melodic or harmonic elements on the higher strings to create a full and dynamic sound.

      Testimonials and Reviews

      bass guitar for professionals

      The Fender 6-string bass guitar has received glowing reviews from musicians and critics alike. Here’s what some users have to say:

      1. Professional Musicians: “The Fender 6-string bass has completely transformed my playing. The extended range allows me to explore new musical ideas and add depth to my bass lines. It’s a game-changer for my live performances and studio work.”
      2. Recording Engineers: “In the studio, the Fender 6-string bass delivers a rich and versatile sound that sits perfectly in the mix. Whether we’re recording rock, jazz, or funk, this bass handles it all with ease.”
      3. Bass Instructors: “For students looking to advance their skills, the Fender 6-string bass is an excellent choice. It challenges them to expand their technique and explore new musical territories.”

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