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  • Cherub Sustain Pedal (WTB-004) KSh 1,500.00

    Cherub Sustain Pedal (WTB-004)

    The Cherub Sustain Pedal (WTB-004) is a versatile and essential accessory designed for musicians who play electronic keyboards, synthesizers, digital pianos, or MIDI controllers. This sustain pedal is specifically built to replicate the functionality of a traditional piano sustain pedal, allowing players to sustain notes and chords for extended durations.

  • Musedo TB-005 Sustain pedal KSh 3,000.00
    • Classic-style design suitable for all brands of keyboards
    • Unbreakable ABS and metal body
    • Specially designed non-skid rubber bottom grips the floor while you play
    • High-quality chrome foot pedal with expressive half-pedal capabilities
    • Polarity reverse switch makes it compatible for different instruments like electronic keyboard, synthesizer, electronic piano.
    • Includes a long connecting cable with 1/4 inch plug.
  • Yamaha FC4 Piano Style Sustain Pedal KSh 7,500.00

    Yamaha FC4 Piano Style Sustain Pedal

    The Yamaha FC4 is a piano-style sustain pedal designed to enhance your playing experience on digital pianos, keyboards, and other MIDI-compatible instruments. It provides a realistic and responsive feel, simulating the sustain effect of an acoustic piano.

  • Yamaha FC5 Sustain Pedal KSh 4,800.00

    Yamaha FC5 Sustain Pedal 

    Yamaha FC5 is a popular sustain pedal designed for electronic keyboards and digital pianos. It is commonly used to sustain notes or chords, providing a more expressive and realistic playing experience for musicians.

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