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  • 20 Strands Snare 12 inch Wire – STEEL KSh 1,000.00

    20 Strands Snare 12″ Wire – STEEL was developed for high-volume, high-intensity playing, Blasters feature specially formulated, premium-grade steel-alloy wires on angled, copper-colored end clips.

    The exclusive bent end clips create greater snare wire contact across the entire surface of the drumhead, offering increased activity, consistency, response and projections in modern pop, rock and R&B situations.

  • Adjustable Straight Bass Drum Spurs KSh 1,500.00

    Adjustable Drum Spurs with Hole Spacing (Centre-to-Centre): 39-39-44mm, mounting Hole Diameter:  8mm,Threaded Rubber Feat with retractable metal pointed tip and gasket and Mounting Screws included

    100% brand new and high quality
    High-quality 360° adjustable drum legs, great workmanship, perfect replacement for the old one.
    Made of high quality material, sturdy, fine craftsmanship, easy to adjust the height of rust and fracture.

    Easy to install and remove, durable to use suitable for replacing dirty, old and broken part.
    Small size, easy to carry and store, provide strong support for bass drums, replacement parts for drum kit percussion instruments.

  • Alesis Crimsons II Nine-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads KSh 150,000.00

    Alesis Crimsons II Nine-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads Features

    • Tightly-woven mesh drum heads enhance feel and playing response
    • Five-piece pad set with 8/8/10″ dual-zone toms, 12″ dual-zone snare, and 8″ Kick
    • Four-piece cymbal set with 12” hi-hat, (2)12” crashes with choke and 14” triple-zone ride
    • Crimson II drum module with 74 kits (54 factory + 20 user) and 671 sounds
    • Load .WAV or .MP3 samples and play-along tracks via USB memory stick
    • Real-time recording (5 tracks internally; up to 99 tracks via USB memory stick)
    • USB/MIDI output for use with virtual instrument and recording software
    • Premium 4-post quick lock Chrome rack with double-braced snare stand
    • All connection cables, mounting hardware and power supply included
  • American Knight drum set KSh 48,000.00

    Knight drum set

    • a snare
    • bass drum
    • floor tom
    • high-hat cymbal
    • crash cymbal
    • bass drum
    • 2 rack toms

    65 in stock

  • Bass Drum Claw Hooks KSh 350.00

    Made of iron, strong enough to hold your drum for long time. Suitable for bass drums.

    • Metal bass drum claw hooks for drum parts accessories, very suitable for bass drums
    • Bass drum hook made of iron, strong enough to support the drum for a long time
    • Easy to install is an excellent replacement part for bass drum, can be installed on both sides of snare drum or bass drum
    • Metal bass drum claw hook fits most standard bass drums, suitable for guitar beginners and enthusiasts
    • Allow the tension rod to pass through the claw to the lug, so that the head can be tightened
  • BEHRINGER XD80-USB High-Performance 8-Piece Electronic Drum Sets KSh 85,000.00

    BEHRINGER XD80-USB High-Performance 8-Piece Electronic Drum Sets

    • 8-piece electronic drum set with HDS240USB sound module
    • Ships ready to rock with everything you need to start immediately
    • 10 factory presets plus 5 user-programmable drum sets
    • Large LCD and icon-driven user interface for easy operation
    • USB and MIDI interfaces to connect with any virtual instrument and drum software (not included)
  • DW drum set KSh 390,000.00

    DW, short for Drum Workshop, is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality drum kits and percussion instruments. Founded in 1972 by Don Lombardi, DW has earned a sterling reputation for producing top-tier drum sets used by professional drummers worldwide.

  • Floor Tom Leg Holder Bracket KSh 400.00

    floor tom drum bracket that attaches to the shell of a drum or suspension mount. This bracket is used to mount rack toms and floor toms to L rods or floor tom legs to be set up in playing position. It will accept 9.5mm to 10.5mm L rods and floor tom legs, and has a mount hole spacing of 2″.

  • Floor Tom Legs 540MM – Ø9.5MM (x1) KSh 1,000.00

    Keep your floor tom off the floor with these Tom Legs.

    Floor Legs Features

    These legs measure 20½” in total length. For something a bit taller, check out the Right Angle Floor Toms Legs (21¾”)

  • Gemini acoustic drum set KSh 50,000.00
    The drum set is what you need to start drumming especially  in church setup 
  • Ludwig drumset KSh 380,000.00

    The Ludwig drum set is an iconic and revered musical instrument that has played a pivotal role in shaping the sound of modern music. Founded in 1909 by William F. Ludwig Sr. in Chicago, Illinois, Ludwig quickly established itself as a premier manufacturer of percussion instruments. Over the years, the Ludwig name has become synonymous with quality, innovation, and a distinctive, powerful sound.

    • 7.2mm Birch/Maple/Birch Shells
    • SONIClear 45-Degree Bearing Edges
    • SONIClear Tom Suspension
    • SONIClear Floor Tom Feet
    • Tomahawk Snare Comes Standard
    • Black Electro-Plated Hardware On 3 Finishes
  • Mapex drum set KSh 115,000.00

    Mapex is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality drum kits, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and sound quality. A Mapex drum set embodies a harmonious blend of artistry and engineering, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of drummers across the musical spectrum.

  • Marching Snare Drum Strap / TOM / SURDO – White KSh 500.00

    Marching Snare Drum Strap

    Adjustable marching snare drum straps for Marching / Parade Snare Drum, Tom Tom and Brasilian Percussion (surdo…)

    Drum Strap Features:

    The shoulder strap belt for snare drum, enables you to carry and play the drum more easily.
    The high-quality nylon quality makes it more durable, the soft belt and the ergonomic design ensures that the belt is comfortable and can reduce shoulder pressure.
    The belt easy to clean and maintain, suitable for military drum, snare drum, waist drum, etc, an indispensable accessory for your drum.

    Drum Strap Specifications:

    Material: High quality nylon

    Package Include:

  • Mes drum set KSh 115,000.00
  • Mes drumset KSh 115,000.00

    Drum sets are the heartbeat of any musical ensemble, setting the rhythm and driving the energy of a performance. Among the many reputable drum set manufacturers, MES stands out as a brand synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of MES drum sets, exploring their history, key features, and why they have become a preferred choice for drummers worldwide.

  • NUX DM-4S Electric 9 Piece Electronic DRUM KIT KSh 85,000.00

    Professional electronic drum set. It comes with built-in 232 types of French Dream ultra-realistic drum sound, a simple interface and customizable sound library. Featuring velocity-sensitive trigger, you can set parameters on drum pad triggers to ensure the best possible response to play. Along with built-in four types of drum coaches like Practice features including Quick Record/Quick Play, add effects and drum group functions, DM-4 is the best choice whether you are on stage or at home

  • PDP Drum set KSh 453,000.00

    The PDP drum set, short for Pacific Drums and Percussion, is a renowned brand known for producing high-quality drum kits designed to cater to a wide range of drummers, from beginners to experienced professionals. Crafted by DW (Drum Workshop), one of the most respected names in the drum industry, PDP maintains a reputation for delivering exceptional sound quality, durability, and craftsmanship at a more accessible price point.

  • Pearl Decade 5-piece drum set KSh 110,000.00

    Pearl Decade 5-piece drum set

    Brand Pearl
    Material Satin
    Item Weight 72.05 Pounds
    Body Material Maple Wood

    • Shell Pack Includes – 22×18 bass drum, 16×16 floor tom, 12×8 and 10×7 toms, and 14×5.5 snare
    • EvenPly Six, 5.4mm 100% Maple SST shell
    • Available in seven custom lacquer finishes
    • Opti-Loc Mounting System
    • Uni-Lock gearless tom arms and R40 Air Suspension Floor Tom feet
  • Pearl Decade 7-piece drum set KSh 135,000.00

    Pearl Decade 7-piece drum set

    • 7-piece Maple Shell Pack with 22″ Bass
    • 14″ Snare – Solid Yellow
    • 14″ 16″ Flo Toms
    • 12″ Toms
    • 10″
  • Pearl maple decade KSh 115,000.00

    The Pearl Decade Maple drum set is crafted from a combination of North American maple and Asian mahogany woods. This particular blend of tonewoods offers a balanced tonal spectrum with a focus on warmth, resonance, and projection. The maple shells contribute to a bright and punchy attack, while the mahogany brings a touch of depth and richness to the overall sound.

  • Peavey 5 piece drum set KSh 65,000.00

    Peavey 5 piece drum set

    • 22 x 18 Bass Drum, 16 lugs
    • 14 x 6.5 Snare Drum, 8 lugs
    • 12 x 10 Tom, 12 lugs
    • 13 x 11 Tom, 12 lugs
    • 16 x 16 Floor Tom, 12 lugs
    • Wood Bass Drum Hoops
    • Deluxe Cymbal Boom Stand
    • Deluxe Double Braced Hardware
    • Deluxe Telescopic Spurs
    • Resonant Mahogany shells
    • One pair of Drumsticks Included
    • Deluxe Bass Drum Pedal
  • Premier 5 piece drum set KSh 60,000.00

    Premier 5 piece drum set

    • 5 pc Quick Shell Pack Sizes: – 10”x8” 12″x9″ Quick Toms – 14”x12” 16″x14″ Floor Toms – 22”x18″ Bass Drum
    • Internally lacquered 5.7mm 7-ply un-supported North American Maple shells, Flush-fit ISO mounts and Diamond Chrome lugs.
    • Includes, (6) Premier 2370 Floor Tom legs, (1) 2296 Roklok Tom Holder
    • Even-coat Lacquer Finish
  • Premier Drum Kit+ 2 Pack Cymbals KSh 50,000.00

    Premier  Drum Kit+ 2 Pack Cymbals Specifications

    • 6-ply basswood shells
    • Durable wrap finishes
    • Two distinctive hardware options: black or chrome
    • 1.5mm triple-flange steel hoops
    • Inlaid metal bass drum hoops
    • Matching wood snare drum
    • Includes double braced hardware
    • Synergy pack (cymbals, throne and sticks) included with selected models
  • Q7 Drum set by MES KSh 45,000.00

    Q7 Drum set by MES is available in Bright black wine red dark blue pearly white

    – Real Wood Shells

    – 16 Bass Drum

    – Two Tom Drums

    – Snare Drum

    – Snare Stand

    – High Gloss Finish All Drums

    – Hi Hat Stand & Cymbals

    – Mounted Cymbal

    – Drum Stool

    – Bass Drum Pedal

    – Drum Key

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