Allen & Heath ZED-14

Allen & Heath ZED-14

The Allen & Heath ZED-14 is a compact and straightforward analog recording mixer designed for small to medium-sized live sound and recording applications. It offers a balance between simplicity and functionality, making it suitable for musicians, solo performers, and small bands.

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    Allen & Heath ZED-14

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      Allen & Heath ZED-14

      KSh 45,000.00

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      KSh 45,000.00


      Allen & Heath ZED-14

      Allen & Heath ZED 14 sound qualityThe allen-heath-zed-14  is a compact and straightforward analog recording mixer designed for small to medium-sized live sound and recording applications. It offers a balance between simplicity and functionality, making it suitable for musicians, solo performers, and small bands.

      Featuring 14 inputs, the ZED-14 provides a versatile range of connectivity options. It includes 10 mono channels with microphone preamps and line-level inputs, which are equipped with professional-grade preamps that deliver clean and transparent audio amplification. Additionally, there are 2 stereo channels for connecting keyboards, playback devices, or other stereo sources.

      The mixer features a user-friendly layout with clearly labeled controls for each channel. It offers individual gain controls, 3-band EQ (high, mid, low), and a high-pass filter on each mono channel, allowing precise tonal shaping and control over the audio signal. The stereo channels have 2-band EQ controls for adjusting the overall balance.

      Allen & Heath ZED 14 effectsThe ZED-14 includes a built-in USB audio interface, which enables direct recording and playback to a computer or DAW. This feature simplifies the integration of the mixer into digital recording setups, making it easy to capture performances or mixdown tracks.

      One of the highlights of the ZED-14 is its flexible routing capabilities. It features an auxiliary send section with dedicated controls for creating monitor mixes or adding external effects. Additionally, the mixer offers a variety of outputs, including main mix, control room, and headphone outputs, allowing for easy monitoring and connection to amplifiers or powered speakers.

      The ZED-14 is built with rugged construction, ensuring durability and reliability for on-the-road use. It features high-quality components and a solid metal chassis, making it suitable for live performances in different environments.

      Allen & Heath ZED 14 USB interfaceAbout this item

      • DuoPre XLR Microphone preamps, including 48V Phantom power for condenser microphones and up to 69dB of gain. Each preamp uses two gain stages to provide a full and accurate sound across the entire gain range with enough power for even the most gain hungry mics.
      • A 100Hz High Pass Filter on every mono input allows unneeded low frequencies to be removed, then the 3-band MusiQ EQ with swept mid frequency uses carefully selected frequencies to ensure your sound sculpting is always musical. Cut or boost highs and lows with shelving EQ and use the mid frequency selection to choose exactly where to adjust the mid frequencies, especially useful for vocals, guitar and other instruments with a rich mid-range.
      • Two ‘Pre-Fade’ Auxiliary outputs enable separate mixes to be sent to monitor speakers or any feeds that require a mix of channels independent of the main mix. Another two ‘Post-Fade’ Auxiliary outputs sends signal at a level which follows the send level to the main mix, ideal for use with external FX units, feeds to subwoofers or creating a mix for streaming or recording.
      • A routable stereo-in stereo-out USB connection makes it easy to record the whole main mix or just the channels you need and enables a stereo return from the connected device to be routed back to the mix. It’s also class compliant and does not require drivers, meaning not just Mac and Windows computers can be connected, but also many mobile devices such as tablets or even smart phones.
      • Optional rack ear kit [ZED1402-RK19] securely fits the mixer into a standard 19” rack or flight case.
      • 6 Mic, 6 Line/ Inst, 4 Stereo (2 Left, 2 Right ), 2 USB Audio, 1 FX Return

      Allen & Heath ZED 14 phantom power

      Allen & Heath ZED-14 Mixer: A Compact Powerhouse for Beginners and Pros Alike

      The Allen & Heath ZED-14 is a versatile and user-friendly mixer ideal for small bands, solo musicians, content creators, and anyone seeking a compact and feature-rich audio mixing solution. This preview dives deep into the ZED-14’s capabilities, exploring its strengths and considerations to help you decide if it’s the perfect fit for your audio needs.

      First Impressions: Compact Yet Feature-Packed

      The ZED-14 boasts a surprisingly compact design for the amount of functionality it offers. Its lightweight and portable form factor makes it easy to transport to gigs, rehearsals, or wherever your creative journey takes you. Despite its size, the ZED-14 doesn’t skimp on features. The well-organized layout provides quick access to all the essential controls, with a generous number of knobs and buttons for intuitive mixing. Build quality feels solid, assuring durability for everyday use.

      Allen & Heath ZED 14 output options

      Channel Configuration: Flexibility for Various Applications

      The ZED-14 offers a versatile 10-channel configuration:

      • 6 Mono Channels: Each mono channel features a DuoPre preamp, designed to deliver clean, low-noise amplification for microphones and line-level instruments. These channels come equipped with a three-band EQ with MusiQ technology, allowing for precise tonal shaping of vocals, guitars, keyboards, or any other mono source.
      • 4 Stereo Channels: These channels cater to keyboards, synths, drum machines, or any other stereo instrument/device. They include a two-band EQ for basic tonal control.

      This configuration provides ample headroom for a small band setup, a solo musician with backing tracks, or even a basic podcasting or live streaming environment.

      Allen & Heath ZED 14

      ZED-14's Core Strengths

      • High-Quality Preamps: The ZED-14’s DuoPre preamps are a major highlight. These preamps are known for their pristine sound and ample gain, ensuring you capture clear and detailed audio from microphones and line-level sources. This is particularly crucial for vocalists and acoustic instruments that rely on faithful reproduction.
      • Flexible Routing: The ZED-14 provides a good amount of routing options. Each channel has dedicated controls for pre-fade listen (PFL) and main mix assignment, allowing you to isolate and adjust individual channels before sending them to the main output. Additionally, it features a dedicated stereo return channel for incorporating external effects processors or playback devices.
      • Built-in USB Audio Interface: A major advantage of the ZED-14 is its integrated USB audio interface. This allows for direct connection to your computer, enabling hassle-free recording and playback of live performances or studio sessions. The ZED-14 functions as a 2×2 interface, allowing stereo recording and playback.
      • EQ and Routing for Live Sound: The ZED-14’s three-band EQ on each mono channel offers enough control for live sound reinforcement. The MusiQ technology in the EQ section is designed to be musically responsive, allowing you to make adjustments that enhance the sound of your instruments and vocals without introducing harshness. The routing options with PFL and main mix controls provide essential tools for live mixing.


      Allen & Heath ZED 14 recording studio

      • Talkback Function: The ZED-14 features a built-in talkback function, a useful tool for communication with musicians or co-hosts during live performances or podcasts.
      • Direct Monitors: Each mono channel has a dedicated direct monitor output, allowing musicians to hear their own mix directly through headphones or monitors. This is crucial for on-stage performers to stay in tune with their own playing.
      • Headphone Outputs: The ZED-14 provides two headphone outputs with independent level controls. This allows for multiple people to monitor the mix simultaneously.
      • FX Send and Return: The ZED-14 offers a dedicated FX send and return channel, enabling you to incorporate external effects processors into your mix. This is useful for adding reverb, delay, or other effects to vocals, instruments, or the entire mix.

      Allen & Heath music shop

      Who is the ZED-14 For?

      The Allen & Heath ZED-14 is a great choice for a variety of users, particularly those who prioritize portability, sound quality, and core mixing functionality. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of how the ZED-14 caters to specific needs:

      • Small bands and solo musicians: The ZED-14’s compact size makes it easy to transport and set up at gigs, rehearsals, or even jam sessions. The 6 mono channels provide ample space for microphones for vocals, drums, and instruments, while the 4 stereo channels can accommodate keyboards, synthesizers, or backing tracks. The clean preamps ensure your instruments and vocals will be faithfully reproduced, and the essential EQ section allows for shaping your sound without overwhelming complexity.
      • Home recordists: With the integrated USB audio interface, the ZED-14 transforms into a convenient recording solution for your home studio. Simply connect the mixer to your computer and utilize the bundled DAW software to capture your performances or create multi-tracked recordings. The headphone output with level control allows for focused monitoring while recording.
      • Content creators: The ZED-14 can be a valuable asset for content creators who record podcasts, livestreams, or online tutorials. The mixer allows you to connect microphones, instruments, and other audio sources, providing a central hub for managing your audio. The USB interface facilitates easy integration with your computer’s recording software, and the headphone output ensures clear monitoring during production.
      • Live streamers: Similar to content creators, live streamers can benefit from the ZED-14’s ability to manage multiple audio sources. Connect your microphone, background music, and even guest audio into the mixer, and use the master output to send the combined mix to your streaming software. The headphone output allows you to monitor your stream mix while keeping an ear on incoming audio and chat.
      • Keyboard players and electronic musicians: The ZED-14’s stereo channels are well-suited for keyboards, synthesizers, and other electronic instruments. The dedicated EQ on these channels allows for shaping the tonal characteristics of your keyboards, and the high-pass filter can be useful for eliminating unwanted low-end rumble that might be present in electronic sounds.

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