M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61

The M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 is a powerful, 61-key USB-powered MIDI controller that allows you to create the music you want to make even easier!

  • M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61

    M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61

    KSh 55,000.00

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      M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61

      M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61

      KSh 55,000.00

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      KSh 55,000.00


      M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61


      The M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 is a powerful, 61-key USB powered MIDI controller that allows you to create the music you want to make even easier! The new Oxygen Pro controllers open up worlds of expression and creativity and make bringing your production ideas to life more seamless than ever. Taking feedback from users and artists alike, these controllers are the ultimate studio and live performance tools, allowing you to keep your focus on creating music—not programming your software. It doesn’t matter if you want to create music on the go or in the studio, the M-Audio Oxygen Pro series is perfectly flexible for your workflow.

      It’s simple to use the Oxygen Pro 61 controller with any DAW with the Oxygen Pro 61’s automatically mapped controls such as Transport, Faders, Channel controls (Record Arm, Solo, Mute, and Select), Pan controls and more. Whether you use Ableton, Pro Tools, MPC Beats, Cubase, Logic, Studio One or any other major DAW, just select your DAW in the Oxygen Pro 61 and select the correct configuration in your DAW, and the Oxygen Pro 61’s controls will be completely integrated into your DAW! It also instantly maps to all the virtual instruments included with the Oxygen Pro 61 (Velvet, Mini Grand, Hybrid 3, TubeSynth, Electric, Bassline). These world-class Air Music Tech plugins can be fully controlled by the Oxygen Pro 61 and used in real-time as you create and mix your music.


      Key Features

      Best-in-class, velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted keys with after touch and assignable zones.

      • (16) RGB, backlit, assignable, velocity-sensitive pads with Note Repeat for beat production, clip launching, and more
      • (8) assignable knobs & buttons for controlling virtual instruments, mix plugins, DAW controls, and more
      • (9) assignable faders for controlling virtual instruments, plugins, DAW faders, and more
      • Preset and DAW buttons for auto-mapped DAW controls & plugin parameters
      • Smart Chord mode enables the playing of enharmonic or custom chord voicings
      • Smart Scale mode eliminates wrong notes making it easy to craft a perfect song
      • Arpeggiator with Type, Octave, Gate and Swing controls
      • Ergonomically designed pitch and modulation wheels & 1/4” sustain pedal input
      • USB-MIDI connection and 5-pin MIDI Output for controlling external MIDI gear
      • Intuitive layout featuring an OLED screen for quick control edits
      • Includes MIDI editor software and a complete software production package

      Design and Build Quality

      Aesthetic and Ergonomics

      The M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 sports a sleek, professional design that fits well in any studio environment. The matte black finish with red and white accents gives it a modern and stylish look. The layout is clean and intuitive, with all controls easily accessible and logically arranged.

      The keyboard itself is full-sized with 61 semi-weighted keys, which offer a realistic playing experience. The keys are velocity-sensitive and have aftertouch, allowing for expressive performances. The inclusion of pitch and modulation wheels, along with an assignable fader and eight backlit, velocity-sensitive pads, enhances the controller’s versatility.


      synth parts


      In terms of build quality, the Oxygen Pro 61 is robust and well-constructed. The chassis is made of durable plastic, which feels sturdy yet lightweight enough for portability. The keys and pads are responsive and feel substantial under the fingers, suggesting longevity even with frequent use.

      DAW and Software Integration

      One of the key strengths of the Oxygen Pro 61 is its seamless integration with popular DAWs and software instruments. M-Audio has ensured that this controller works out of the box with major DAWs, including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, and more. The dedicated DAW preset buttons make switching between different software environments quick and easy.

      Additionally, the Oxygen Pro 61 includes auto-mapping features, which automatically assign the controller’s knobs, faders, and pads to the most commonly used functions in your DAW. This saves time and reduces the learning curve, especially for beginners.


      Smart Chord and Smart Scale

      The Smart Chord and Smart Scale features are innovative tools designed to enhance creativity and make playing more accessible. Smart Chord allows you to play full chords with a single key press, while Smart Scale ensures that you always play in the correct scale, eliminating wrong notes. These features are particularly useful for those who may not have extensive music theory knowledge but still want to produce harmonically rich music.

      Arpeggiator and Note Repeat

      The built-in arpeggiator and note repeat functions are valuable for creating dynamic rhythmic patterns and adding movement to your music. The arpeggiator can be customized with various modes, time divisions, and swing settings, while note repeat is perfect for producing consistent, rapid-fire drum hits or other repetitive sounds.

      Pro 61 controller



      The playability of the Oxygen Pro 61 is exceptional, thanks to the semi-weighted keys and their responsive nature. Whether you are a pianist, a synth player, or a beatmaker, the keys provide a satisfying tactile experience. The pads are equally impressive, with a good level of sensitivity and responsiveness, making them ideal for finger drumming or triggering samples.


      Customization is a key aspect of the Oxygen Pro 61’s performance capabilities. The ability to assign controls to virtually any parameter in your DAW or virtual instrument means that you can tailor the controller to suit your workflow perfectly. This flexibility extends to the pads, knobs, and faders, all of which can be easily assigned and re-assigned as needed.

      Software Integration

      The integration with DAWs and other music software is smooth and efficient. The auto-mapping feature works reliably, ensuring that you can focus on making music rather than configuring your controller. The dedicated DAW preset buttons and transport controls further enhance the workflow, allowing for seamless transitions between different software environments.

      Software Bundle

      The M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 comes with a comprehensive software bundle that adds significant value to the package. This includes:

      • Ableton Live Lite: A powerful DAW that is widely used in music production and performance.
      • MPC Beats: A beat-making software that offers a wide range of features for creating beats and rhythms.
      • Virtual Instruments: Including AIR Music Technology’s Velvet, Mini Grand, and Xpand!2, which provide a diverse range of sounds and textures.
      • Skoove: An online piano learning platform that offers lessons for players of all levels.

      61-key USB


      The Oxygen Pro 61 is compatible with both Mac and PC, making it a versatile option for users regardless of their preferred platform. The controller connects via USB, which also powers the device, eliminating the need for an external power supply. It also has a 5-pin MIDI output, allowing it to be connected to other MIDI hardware.


      1. Versatile Control Options: With a wide array of assignable controls, the Oxygen Pro 61 is highly adaptable to various music production and performance scenarios.
      2. Seamless DAW Integration: The auto-mapping and dedicated DAW preset buttons ensure a smooth workflow across different software environments.
      3. High-Quality Keybed: The semi-weighted keys with aftertouch provide a realistic and expressive playing experience.
      4. Smart Features: Smart Chord and Smart Scale features make it easier to create harmonically rich music, even for those with limited music theory knowledge.
      5. Robust Software Bundle: The included software adds significant value and enhances the controller’s functionality.
      6. Compact and Portable: The lightweight design makes it easy to transport and use in various settings, ideal for live performances or mobile productions.
      7. Excellent Value: The Oxygen Pro 61 offers a comprehensive feature set at a competitive price point, making it a great choice for budget-conscious producers and musicians.
      8. Ease of Use: The user interface is clear and intuitive, with dedicated buttons and assignable controls. It’s perfect for beginners who can quickly learn the ropes.
      9. Versatile Functionality: The combination of keys, pads, knobs, and faders provides a platform for playing instruments, creating beats, and controlling various DAW functions.

      Who is it for?

      The M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61 is a great choice for:

      • Beginner Music Producers: Its affordability, ease of use, and intuitive layout make it perfect for learning the ropes of music production in a DAW.
      • Top keyboard Players: The comfortable keybed and assignable controls allow for playing virtual instruments, creating melodies, and controlling various parameters.

      61 controller

      Detailed Analysis

      Key Sensitivity and Aftertouch

      The semi-weighted keys of the Oxygen Pro 61 provide a middle ground between the fully weighted keys of a traditional piano and the unweighted keys of a synthesizer. This makes it a versatile choice for musicians who need a keyboard that can handle both piano and synth parts. The keys are responsive and provide a satisfying amount of resistance, which enhances the playing experience.

      Aftertouch is a feature that adds another layer of expressiveness to your playing. By pressing down on the keys after the initial strike, you can control various parameters in your DAW or virtual instrument, such as vibrato or filter cutoff. This feature is particularly useful for live performances, where it can add a dynamic element to your playing without needing to use additional controls.

      Pads and Their Uses

      The eight backlit, velocity-sensitive pads are a major highlight of the Oxygen Pro 61. These pads can be used for a variety of functions, including triggering drum sounds, launching clips in Ableton Live, or controlling other software parameters. The pads are highly responsive and provide a good level of feedback, making them ideal for finger drumming or other rhythmic tasks.

      In addition to their primary functions, the pads can also be used to control other aspects of your software. For example, you can assign them to control effects, switch between different virtual instruments, or even trigger entire scenes in Ableton Live. This makes the pads a highly versatile tool that can be adapted to suit your specific workflow.

      Faders and Knobs

      The nine faders and eight knobs on the Oxygen Pro 61 are fully assignable, allowing you to control virtually any parameter in your DAW or virtual instrument. This can include things like volume levels, pan positions, effect parameters, and more. The faders provide a smooth and precise level of control, while the knobs offer a good amount of resistance and tactile feedback.


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